URGENT November - December Low/High Tests

November 22, 2014

Hi Skaters, Coaches and Test Chairs

Thank you for the overwhelming and positive response to our request to take some pressure off the Dec 6th test day.
As you will see on the Test Registry there are now a lot of low-high test days taking place at different times.

SKATERS: if your coach has told you to register at a specific club low/high then go ahead and do so.  HOWEVER, most of them are simply lists for printing purposes and are not enabled.  In that case you must register at the NORTH SURREY HIGH TEST day which is now in capital letters for easy identification.  That said, MIDNIGHT NOVEMBER 22 is the deadline.

COACHES: Your skater SHOULD be registering for NORTH SURREY HIGH TEST unless otherwise specified based on a conversation with me and a subsequent enabled test day.  NOTE THE DEADLINE above

TEST CHAIRS: I have dealt directly with those test chairs who have asked for a test day.  COACHES and TEST CHAIRS should be working together on this.  The bottom line is that if you and I have not had a conversation your high testers need to use the NORTH SURREY HIGH TEST.


If you have any questions please contact me




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