Coast Region Volunteer Receives Sport BC Award

February 21, 2011

Sharon Dahl, member of the Cheam Skating Club in the BC Coast Region has been volunteering for over 34 years. While managing a full time career as an accountant for the Over-waitea Food Group, family commitments as wife and mother, and director for the BC/YT Section, Sharon continues to serve as Treasurer on the Coast Region Board. Her behind the scenes skills as a data specialist and competition organizer have brought unsurpassed excellence to the delivery of every event this season. We are very proud of Sharon’s accomplishments and are privileged to have her on our Region team. Her involvement at all levels of our sport is truly remarkable: Treasurer, Vice President, Competition Chairman, Carnival Producer & Scriptwriter,Program Assistant

Region Involvement:

Director, 1st Vice Chairman , Chairman. Competitions Advisor, VDI Competition Chairman, Skaters Development

Section Involvement:

Region Chairman’s Representative,Director

Official Involvement:

Level II Data Specialist

Other Volunteer Activities (Skating):

FOP Monitor Supervisor, 2010 Winter Olym-pics

FOP Monitor Supervisor, 2009 Four Continents Championships

LOC – Facilities, 2008 National Synchro Cham-pionships

Security, 2008 Canadian Championships

Guest Services – 2001 World Championships

Guest Services/Accreditation – 1997 Canadian Championships

Other Volunteer Activities (non-skating):

Shift Supervisor/Driver – Operation Red Nose, 2007 – current

Opening Night Receptions – Chilliwack Players Guild

Spotlight Operator – Chilliwack Players Guild

Soccer Field Supervisor – BC Special Olympics Summer Games, 2009

Information Officer – Soccer BC Provincial Championships, 2008

Timer (swimming), BC Senior Games

Timer (swimming), BC Summer Games

Sharon’s Story:

Both of my parents have always been involved in figure skating throughout my whole life with my mother being a volunteer extraordinaire! And my dad being a music technician right up until months of his passing in 2009. While at some point all 5 of us kids skated and competed, my older sister stuck with it the longest eventually becoming a professional coach, coaching for almost 30 years before retiring in the fall of 2009. So you see skating is in the blood!

In the years between being a skater and being a parent I volunteered helping the club during carnivals and competitions. But it wasn’t until my daughter turned 2 and they would allow her to register in Pre-School skating that my volunteering in the sport became one of the biggest passions in my life.

With both of my girls finished with their skating and moving on to other exciting pastimes I remain passionate about skating and volunteering in any way that I can.

Congratulations to Sharon Dahl who will be receiving the Sport BC Presidents Award this year!! The ceremony happens on Feb 24th! As we all know, Sharon volunteers countless hours for our Sport and so it is very fitting that she receives this award!







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