BC Coast Region Awards Information

November 20, 2011

To: BC Coast Region Clubs

From:  BC Coast Region Awards & Honours Director

Date: Novemer 20, 2011

Re:  BC Coast Region Awards Information - start thinking about your nominations !


As our skating season continues, we want to make you all aware of the great way you as a club can recognize your skaters, coaches, and volunteers. 

The Skate Canada Achievement awards are a great tool that not many clubs take advantage of.  As a region we want to ensure that people are getting the recognition they deserve and I am hoping that this will encourage you to put forward applications for these awards.  We would be thrilled to have nominations from every club in our Region. Please view the Skate Canada Achievement Awards Overview document (Download Documents page under "Awards") with all of the award information.  Clubs are encouraged to present this powerpoint at their board meetings or parent information sessions. 

If you have any questions or need assistance in any way please feel free to contact Hilary Quick at  or (604) 862-3905.

thank you,
Hilary Quick

Director, BC Coast Region


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