BC Coast Region Form 100 Information

June 26, 2012

BC Coast Region Board of Directors

To:          BC Coast Region Clubs and Presidents

From:    BC Coast Region Board of Directors

Date:     June 24, 2012

Re:          Form 100's for 2012-2013


 Dear Presidents & Clubs


We are finally finishing AGM season, which means your next task is getting ready for the year ahead.  One of the first items that most clubs complete is the form 100 for the year. 


The BC Coast Region is participating in a pilot project this year - you may have noticed that the address to send your form 100 to has been deleted from this year's version of the form....this is to bring to your attention the need to complete this form on-line.  


Why ?

- we have found that mistakes are made when we transfer your hand written info into our email program and other spreadsheets. 

- if you change people or email addresses mid year, we don't always catch the updates immediately

- fax copies of the form 100 can be hard to read and we find ourselves guessing at critical bits in addresses and phone numbers.


We ask you to go to the following link and complete your form 100 there.  This way YOU do the typing, & we are less likely to make a mistake reading your form as you are more likely to input this correctly.....last year we had a number of club's listed as being in Burnaby BC (because the person typing was from Burnaby and hadn't caught the mistake while typing automatically !).....enough said.....please take a moment to make sure your club info is correct - you can go back and adjust it over the year as well. 

BC Coast Region Form 100 Information:

BC Coast Region Form 100’s can now be found online at:

Please ensure that your Club information is updated prior to September 1st . 

We build our email lists from your form 100 information - so until we receive an updated form from your club (hopefully right after your AGM)....we continue to send to the latest addresses we have.  In order to hit the maximum clubs possible I am sending this email to our 2010 club addresses as well as our 2011 President addresses.  Please help us provide service to you !

Thank you,

Wendy Martin-Stroyan

Chairman, BC Coast Region

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