AGM Updates....

March 18, 2013

 BC Coast Region Board of Directors

To:BC Coast Region clubs

From:  BC Coast Region Board of Directors


Re: AGM Updates....


This is a follow up to the recent email regarding the BC Coast Region AGM - Tuesday April 16th...we hope you will join us at the Bill Copeland arena meeting room in Burnaby, we are thrilled to welcome Sally Rehorick as our guest speaker - further info can be found on the download page of the BC Coast Region website:  on the front page look to the right under news !

 We hope that you will consider nominating someone for the BC Coast Region Board of Directors - this is a great next step from club governance in our sport....and if you set your sights further, the next step up is the BC/YT Section AGM....taking place May 4, 2013 in Burnaby - another great educational for information coming to your mailboxes shortly or check out the Section Website: . 
From The Section (Provincial) AGM, the next step is the Skate Canada National ACGM (yes a conference is included in this one) taking place in Ottawa June 6-8, 2013.  Your Region board is sending representation to this one, if your club is deciding to send someone please let us know so that we may include you in any Section/Region meetings that take place while we are in Ottawa. 

Any member of Skate Canada may attend and participate in all the above activities - currently clubs will be recieving Proxy/ Delegate paperwork direct from Skate Canada National office.  This paperwork asks you to bring the forms with you when you attend or to sign and send them back if you are not attending. 

 One way for you to ensure that your vote is represented by folks from BC is to bring your clubs' proxy / delegate form with you to the Region AGM on April 16th or send the paperwork to us in the mail - if you are not attending personally, we are willing and able to carry your vote for you.  If you do not know what this means - please take a moment and email your club representative from our board of directors and we will assist you.  We would prefer to represent your vote at the national meeting rather than have the national office receive it in the mail (sometimes too late to be exercised for you).

If you don't know who your club representative is....this will help you:


Wendy Martin-Stroyan (Chair)

Hope & District SC, Aldgergove SC, Langley SC, North Surrey SC, Arctic Edge SC

Lori Oxland (1st Vice)

Coquitlam SC, Port Coquitlam SC, SC of Inlet & Port Moody, Burnaby FSC, Burnaby WC, Centre of Excellence

Hilary Quick (Treasurer)

Pacific Ice, Vancouver SC, Grandview SC, Riley Park SC, Lower Mainland Synchronized SC

Susan Wareing (Secretary)

Connaught SC, Sunshine Coast SC, Killarney SC, Kitsilano SC, Arbutus SC, Maple Ridge SC

Kevin Gordon (Director)

Kerrisdale SC, Newton SC, Sunset SC, Sungod SC, Delta FSC, White Rock South Surrey SC

Jill-Marie Jarvis (Director)

North Shore WC, Powell River SC, Whistler SC, Squamish SC, Hollyburn Country Club

Peter Lang (Director)

Cheam SC, Abbotsford SC, Mission SC, Skate Lillooet, Cloverdale SC


Please also note that tomorrow is the deadline for some award nominations on the BC Section website....take a moment to check that you have completed any nominations that you intended to submit.


Our BC Coast Region awards will be presented at the AGM on April 16th - See you there !

Wendy Martin-Stroyan

Skate Canada BC Coast Region

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