Regional Development Team changes

October 9, 2013

Please read the RDT changes document (available for download from the Download Documents page under "Regional Development Team") as it pertains to the future of the RDT programs as provided by the BC/YK Section.

In light of the changes at the Section level it has been decided by the BC Coast Region Skater Development Committee to discontinue the RDT this season; rather,we make the commitment to provide Skater Enrichment Programming for the skaters in our Region.

We are currently planning the Active Start and Singles Seminars which have historically taken place in December. We will continue with Regional simulations which were begun in the summer. We are also looking at other enrichment activities for our BC Coast Region Skaters.

Information regarding these programs will be sent out soon! Please stay tuned!

If there are any questions regarding these changes please call me @ 604-985-7897.



Lori Oxland

BC Coast Region Skater Development Chair

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