November 21, 2013

 The BCCR Test Committee is aware that the Centralized High Test Day scheduled for Saturday, December 7th conflicts with the Pacific Ice Synchronized Skating Gala, and a number of skaters are adversely affected by this.  Furthermore, we are currently beyond capacity in terms of skaters registering for High Tests on the 7th,  and the ice time we have available.  Simply put we need more ice!

For these reasons, and after considerable thought and  discussion we have determined that the test committee will endeavour to obtain an additional 4 hour block of ice time, and a Judge,  preferably prior to December 15th in order to accommodate the Syncrho skaters as well as those skaters who are unable to test because of capacity issues.  This solution will allow the Synchro skaters to focus on the Gala, and will alleviate scheduling challenges, and the risk of running late.  

Consequently, we are asking Clubs to consider donating ice time to the BCCR in order to accommodate these tests.  Ideally we would like to have a 4 hour block, but we could hopefully make it work with several 2 hour blocks.

Additionally, we will NOT be holding Diamond Tests at this test day.  As per our policy,  skaters are free to arrange their own tests (with assistance from their Coach).  If they can find a willing and qualified judge to come out to their practice session, arrangements can be made to hold the test.

We do apologize if this causes any inconvenience, but rest assured we are striving to find solutions that will be acceptable to all.  Please stay tuned for updates.

Please consider donating ice time if you have any and let the Committee know as soon as possible.  


Denise Dalmer,

BCCR Test Committee


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