Important Test Information from the BC Coast Region Test Committee Chairman

January 18, 2014

To: BC Coast Region Clubs

From:  BC Coast Region Board of Directors & Test Committee

Date: January 9, 2014

Re:  Important Test Information from the BC Coast Region Test Committee Chairman

Happy New Year!

Well, we are starting out with some conflicts, namely many competitions which happen to conflict with high test days and spring break. We had thought we had planned this all out properly but clearly some more integration between test and competition planning is needed.
At the moment we are grappling with the fact that Saturday, February 8 is our next scheduled test day.  HOWEVER, this conflicts with the BC Coast Region Winterskate Competition. We already have some challenges rounding up enough judges for that event and therefore it is likely we will have no volunteers for the test day.  It is hard for all of us to be in two places at once. The next Centralized Test Day is Saturday, March 15, at South Surrey Arena.
So we are:
(a) CANCELLING  the Feb 8 test day - all tests will be held over to March, and 
(b) We are going to do what we did in December, except proactively, which is to merge low and high tests, where possible in March, since most clubs will be having some sort of low test day to mark the end of the 2013-14 fall-winter session. The only criteria for a merged test day are:

·         you have to have a qualified judge (of course) and you should be providing opportunities for non-high test qualified judges to conduct low tests as well as trial high tests (so we can more high test judges!)

·         high testers still need to register on the BC Coast registry for the March high test day (because we need to keep records) and which is now open,

·         we (the BC Coast Region Test Committee) need to be asked / informed that you are merging your low test day and we need to keep a list of skaters doing high tests at low tests, and

·         clubs need to be open to having non-club members participate in their low test day.

On another note, I know that the March test day falls on the first weekend of March break. This won’t be changed and we prefer as many high tests to take place as possible on this day as we can accommodate – how many that us depends on the range of test types.  Dances generally get priority as do part 1 freeskate tests and skills since these cannot be taken at competition (unlike interpretive and part 2 freeskates).  We have 8 hours of ice so accommodating a largish number should be possible unless we have an exceedingly large number of tests as we did in December.  Also, diamond dancers, you can test whenever you want as long as you can find a willing qualified judge and some ice.  We just need to be informed and receive the paperwork and payments.

I don’t think these criteria are arduous and since we are doing it ahead of time the process should be much more simple than it was for December.

Please let me know if you have any concerns.

On another note there have been questions about why there are no tests at the StarSkate Super Series final.  The answer is there are NEVER tests at championship events and there never will be.  Skaters can only skate in the category they have passed the test for, whereas, as at non-championship events a skater can skate up to take a test.  Not so in championships.  I hope this answers any questions. 

Denise Mullen-Dalmer

Chairman, BC Coast Region Test Committee 

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